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I luv the Social share feature.
Social share feature, drastically increase your social reach on platforms you may not have a presence on. In addition it does lighten the load on the creator in exposing their work to a wider audience. I have used many platforms in the past and can honestly say that Drummitup is one of the easiest to navigate and manage.
#1 Youtube promotion website
On Drummitup, pinning my videos really helps too, because of the way Drummitup works the views are form people choosing to click on your video, if they want to share their own video they have to watch yours for a while, and if they like what they see they will return for more. I suppose you could get more views for $5 on different sites like Fiverr, but in my experience these are just view bots, and not real people, so that's not helpful at all for your channel. You could also get more views from Google ads, but people can click off after 5 seconds, and that will hurt your channel too. From a views per dollar perspective Drummit up isn't the lowest BUT it is the best as you're getting actual engagement.
Prime account helped me!
When I first joined drummitup, I thought it was yet another site with spam links. But I was wrong! I use video pin service which gives me good quality views and most importantly, I get my videos shared on other social channel by drummitup user, which in a way gives me a chance to go viral.
Jigsaw Gamer
Increase my subscribers base
My youtube channel had a very limited exposure to other social channels. Drummitup has signifantly improved my presense and has improved my subscriber base. As my videos get shared by others, there is no risk of your account getting flagged.
VLogger - DIY
My views have doubled
Very easy to use. Just make sure your vid is in the correct category so your target audience sees it. I always pin each new vid i make. It helps with watch time also. Social share, is another way of reaching new people that might not know about your stuff.
Gotcha Open
Vlogger - Cooking
Wow! Socialshare feature made my video viral.
Social share feature on Drummitup has been one of the biggest contributor to my subscriber base & increased views. On Drummitup, other users share your video on other social channels, which increases the chance of reaching out to a bigger audience.
Alyssa Emond
Founder at Hereby

Let's dive in

What can be posted on Drummitup?

Drummitup is for any video with less than 50,000 views from channels that have less than 25,000 subscribers or followers. We currently support links from YouTube. For rules about the type of content allowed, check out our site rules page.

If I post my video on Drummitup, will it still get views (on YouTube)?

Yes! Drummitup is a stage to promote, share and eventually get more views.

How does the view count work?

Views is simply the view count of your video through Drummitup. Sometimes the view count takes a while to update on our site, and sometimes sites like YouTube can take a while to update their view count as well.

How frequently can I post?

Standard Membership (Free):
This implies the user has only signed up with Drummitup and has no paid subscription availed.
If the user has this account, he/she is eligible to post 1 video in two days provided the user actively contributes to the community by watching and commenting on at least 3 videos posted by others and shares 2 videos on his/her social channel.

Alternatively, the user can skip or significantly reduce the Day 2 wait period, by watching and sharing other's video.

Please read our guideline section for comment validation.

Prime Membership
This implies the user has availed a paid membership with Drummitup.
If the user has this membership, he/she is eligible to post unlimited videos with just 5 mins gap between any two consecutive video sharing. Please click here for membership details.

What is Prime Membership?

If the user has this membership, he/she is eligible to post unlimited videos with just 5 mins gap between any two consecutive video sharing. Please click here for membership details.

Is there a paid service to bring my video on top of the list?

Yes, you can pin your videos to be part of the first few scrolls.

How do I drummup (or) pin my video?

Go to My Videos, Click on the video that you want to pin. Click on the image . This will take you to the video subscription page.

Will people without a Drummitup account be able to watch videos I post on Drummitup?

Yes, Drummitup links can be shared with anybody. They will still be able to watch your videos giving you more views. If they do sign up for Drummitup, they will be able to upvote your videos, which will eventually promote the content within the community too.