Why Should You Choose Drummitup's Referral Program

We are giving a platform for new youtubers to get discovered.

With exponentially increasing new youtubers, you will be part of our growth story. Upcoming youtubers are seeing a lot of value in promoting their content on Drummitup

High CPA or Revenue share won't be enough unless you get the best conversion rate, optimized to multiply your earnings per clicks. When you join Drummitup Referral Program, we will gear you up with the top converting deals and tried-n-tested content ideas, so you can take home more earnings than ever before.

How Much Will I Earn?

We share a generous 30% revenue! For very $ spent by your referee, you stand to gain 30 cents.

For example- If 5 of your referee spend $1000 on the platform, you stand to get $300

Referral Program FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is place Drummitup's logo, banner ads or text links that we provide to you on your website, email newsletter or blog. When your visitors click on our logo, banners or text links, registers and subscribers to any of our subscription plan, you will get paid 30 cents for every $ spent by your visitor.

You will receive payments of your commissions through Paypal. You can easily set up your Paypal account in our Referral Program page.

We will work with you to resolve this as quickly as possible. Please remember that the purchase must be made within 30 days of the click on your banner or text link.

Yes, you can place our logo, banner ads and text links on multiple websites.

No, joining our referral program is completely free.

We payout by 15th of every month for previous respective month. For example, the payment for the month of January would be paid by15th of Feb. The process is automated and you will be qualified for the payment if you reach your minimum threshold.

We initiate the payout as soon as you reach $100. If not, we keep accumulating your commission and initiate when you reach the threshold.